Wooden creations

Artist: Dave H.

Pens & more, custom pens and pencils handmade using local Sonoran Desert wood and other exotic hardwoods.

Artist: Richard Todd

I have been a full-time resident of Tucson for the last 36 years.  Most of my working career has been in the construction trade.  I worked in the private aircraft industry as a master carpenter, craftsman, design draftsman, illustration artist in various medias.  I tend to lean towards colored pencil, pen & ink.  I also do auto pin striping and airbrushing.  I would say that my first love is working with wood.  I enjoy creating things that are works of art and that will also stand the test of time.  I enjoy a creative challenge.

Artist: Christine Rogers

The jewelry boxes are all rescued from a life in the trash and are "upcycled".  Most have needed repair, some just a little TLC.  I am a retired teacher and have found that working with these jewelry boxes is a lot like working with my students ... a little TLC and a lot of second chances are what's needed. These items will not be "perfect", they have some flaws here or there.  But they are now usable once again and the prices are  below what you would pay for them new.