Artist: Cindy Connolly

Art has always been in my life because of my grandfather. He was a self taught artist and I have been blessed with his talent. I find that there is alot of joy in creating and sharing my art and discovering someone who enjoys it also. I love photography and I usually draw from my photos. Pen and Ink seems to be the media that I enjoy the most. I love to use my imagination to create beautiful art.

Artist: Mary Jo Wasco

My approach to watercolors is experimental in nature.  I am open to the possibilities that exploration of the media can bring.

Artist: Robert McElroy


Artist: Ron Andreasen

With my Lord's blessing and my wife's support and encouragement I became more focused on Aircraft Illustration and Aviation Art.  Since then I've pursued other subjects ... other "Things With Wings" in nature.  I work in pen & Ink, marker, watercolor and colored pencil. 

Artist: Sue Bush

I am a self taught artist who studied with many well known artists. I prefer to develop my own way of painting, and I am continually developing my style. I do not rush my work, and may only have a few paintings a year that I frame. My work has received many ribbons from the best of show to honorable mention.

I also create  watercolor bookmarks on 300 lb. watercolor paper. Each bookmark is finished on all sides to protect it as you read. 

Thank you for viewing my work.