Artist: Jay Pierstorff

Jay helps people improve their photography and digital image editing teaching a number of popular classes geared for photo enthusiasts of all skill levels, at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum Art Institute. Originally born in Idaho, Jay lives year round in Tucson, AZ 
Jay specializes in teaching digital cameras and media as they bring new power and possibilities to image making. Jay’s classes take advantage of the "learn by doing" approach including the popular "Behind the Scenes Photowalk.".Jay has experience as a professional photographer, videographer, photographic retoucher, photo lab, sound reinforcement & audio recording technician and professional musician. He brings many traditional skills to modern, digital processes. Jay graduated from the Glen Fishback School of Photography in Sacramento, CA and learned photo retouching at Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, CA.

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Artist: Joshua Quarrell

Joshua has had a love of photography since he was a child with a 110 film camera.  To him, "Seeing life in a picture was a memory that one day may fade in your mind, so you can hold onto your memories longer".  As he grew up his fascination with photography did too.  He graduated with a Bachelors of The Arts in Video Production and Film Making.

Artist: Nancy Schroeder

Nancy has worked primarily in New England and the Southwest capturing art, adventure, landscape and moment photography.  Nancy studied Fine Arts Photography and Photo Journalism at the University of Arizona - BFA in Photography.  Nancy spent her first years as a photojournalist as a staff photographer for the Martha's Vineyard Times and Freelance assignments for the New York Times.  Back to Tucson in 1995, Nancy created a program called Photography in Focus for the Miraval Resort and has continued to create new and innovative photography programming for Miraval for the last 20 years, working with Miraval guests and assisting with National Geographic Workshops.  Nancy encourages photography as a creative outlet and also as an active meditation practice to help with present awareness and mindfulness.  Her newest class is "Artful Photography with your Camera Phone".  Join her for a Photography hike, walk or creative lesson.