Pen and Ink

Artist: Cindy Connolly

Art has always been in my life because of my grandfather. He was a self taught artist and I have been blessed with his talent. I find that there is a lot of joy in creating and sharing my art and discovering someone who enjoys it also.


I love photography and I usually draw from my photos. Pen and Ink seems to be the media that I enjoy the most. I love to use my imagination to create beautiful art.

Artist: Eric Black

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Artist: Howard Curtiss

Since moving to Tucson in the late 90s, I have enjoyed the fabulous Southwest scenery and its painting opportunities. All of my art is based on personal photos or observations and has been exhibited in many galleries. 

Drawing, including pen & ink, has been an interest of mine since childhood. Currently I use three different sizes of micron pens on smooth hard surfaced paper for all my work. Often I will add colored pencil to the ink drawings.

Artist: Lynn Sakellar-Gekas

Pencil, Pen & Ink Wash

Artist: Ron Andreasen

I work in pen & Ink, marker, watercolor and colored pencil.