Metalpoint is a drawing medium seldom seen today.  The old masters used metalpoint to draw with because they didn't have pencils.  They used either gold or silver to draw with usually and sometimes it's called Silverpoint.  You have to use it on a gessoed surface.  Every artist has their own secret ingredient they add to the gesso to make it work better.  The metal goes on very much like a Graphite, and looks like a pencil line.  I use silver mainly like a wash, under ink.  It softens the ink.  Silver generally is a little darker than gold.  I use gold often, because when in Alaska sometime back I panned enough gold to have it smelted down into the nib I use to draw. The silver will tarnish and the artwork changes color to a soft bronze-tarnish color.  There is basically no place to  learn metalpoint so an artist has to figure it out by themselves.  There are still very few metal point artists on the planet today.

Artist: Eric Black