Meet the Artists

Artists and their medium *artwork shown is subject to availability*

Anita Moyer                      Jewelry and Suncatchers

Barbara Andreasen           Jewelry

Betty Johnson                  Acrylics and Illustrator

Bill Trimmer                      Metal Art

Christine Rogers               Wooden and Ceramic Jewelry Boxes

Cindy Connolly                  Pen & Ink and Watercolor

Dave H.                             Wooden Pens and Bowls

Eric Black                          Metalpoint, Pen & Ink and Greeting Cards

Ethel Coffey                      Author

Garnet Myers                     Stone

Gene Kennedy                   Lariat Art

Gina Amerson                    Aprons

Hilary Bowers                    Glassworking

Howard Curtiss                  Colored Pencil, Pen & Ink and Greeting Cards

Jane Spitzer                      Jewelry

Janice Bock                       Acrylics and Oils

Jay Pierstorff                    Photography and Greeting Cards

Jim Nelson                        Dreamcatchers and Prayer Feathers

Jim Pipe                            Cholla Cactus

John Wise                          Acrylics and Greeting Cards

Joshua Quarrell                 Photography

Judi Macdonald                 Jewelry

Judy Hinkelman                 Scarves, Towels and Fabric Stemware Coasters 

Kathy S.                             Gourds

Lauri Grimes                      Jewelry

Lil Kinslow                         Clay Sculpture, Pottery, Raku and Stoneware

Lynda Jackson                   Acrylics, Alcohol Ink, Encaustics, Greeting Cards, Mixed Media  and                                          Repoussé

Lynn Sakellar-Gekas          Pencil and Pen & Ink Wash and Greeting Cards

Marsha Kinkade                 Pottery

Mary Jo Wasco                   Artist Books, Cards, Gourds, Calligraphic Paintings, Mixed Media                                          and  Watercolor

Mary Nelson                       Pine Needle Baskets

Michelle Haden                  Skincare Products

Nancy Biggins                    Copper Hummingbird Feeders

Nancy Lewis                       Colored Pencil and Scratchboard

Nancy Schroeder                Photography and Greeting Cards

Richard Todd                      Southwestern Pine Bowls

Robert McElroy                   Watercolor, Placemats and Greeting Cards

Ron Andreasen                   Pen & Ink,  Watercolor and Colored Pencil

Rose Rollyson                    Oils and Greeting Cards

Sandy Czachor                    Gourds, Vintage Purses and Zentangle

Sue Bush                            Acrylics, Bookmarks, Watercolor and Greeting Cards