Artist: Anita Moyer - Fused Glass

Anita Moyer was born and raised in Baltimore. After college, where she earned a BS in History, she entered the US Army and was married. Anita later earned a MA in Business Administration and, after 26 years of service, she retired as a Colonel. Most of her assignments were in the Mid Atlantic states although she did have two overseas tours (Germany and Turkey) and her last assignment was in Chicago. Anita spent most of her career providing contract administration services to all branches of the military.
Anita moved to Tucson shortly after she retired. Here, she started buying fused glass jewelry at craft shows and decided she’d like to learn how to make it herself. After taking some classes at a local glass shop, she started making all sorts of fused glass objects as well as objects out of stained glass and beads. A new creative spirit was born. Her business, Squircles Glassworks, was started to help pay for materials to translate her ideas into reality as well as find homes for the objects she makes.

Artist: Hilary Bower - Lampworking

I got into glass kind of sideways.  My husband was working with a man who did lamp work glassblowing.  He was complaining that no one he tried to teach had stayed with glassblowing.  My husband said Hilary would.  It turns out he knew me better than I thought


After a slow learning curve with an aloe vera plant on the end of my workbench I really started to enjoy creating with glass.  After 20 years its still one of the most enjoyable things to do.

Lamp working is categorized as glass blowing but it is actually melting and forming with rods of colored solid borosilicate glass which melts around 1600 degrees. No blowing required.