Colored Pencil

Artist: Howard Curtiss

Since moving to Tucson in the late 90s, I have enjoyed the fabulous Southwest scenery and its painting opportunities. All of my art is based on personal photos or observations and has been exhibited in many galleries. 

Colored pencil art is my current favorite medium. It works best on sanded paper with multiple layers of color then burnished and/or sealed with paint thinner. Finally it is permanently preserved with a coating of acrylic varnish.

Artist: Ron Andreasen

I think it all started when I won first place in Junior High for a poster on "Safe driving through better vision" contest.  All my art instructors said they thought I should pursue art to become better at it and develop my natural abilities.  So I majored in Art, minored in English and after graduation, as many of us can attest, life presented many different roads.  I took several of those roads and did the art as a hobby for many years.  I finally took it more seriously, attended the Art Center of Tucson and graduated with a degree in Illustration and Design.  Since then I've pursued other subjects ... other "Things With Wings" in nature.  I work in pen & Ink, marker, watercolor and colored pencil.