Clay and Pottery

Artist: Lil Kinslow

Clay Sculpture, Pottery and Stoneware

My artwork creating clay work, has been my passion for many years. I learned to throw on the potters wheel when I was in 9th grade. I went to college in Flagstaff and earned my B.F.A. emphasis in ceramics/pottery. I have taught pottery classes for over 25 years.

I create a custom sculpted Story Teller doll made of adobe colored clay. They tell the history and story of the family or tribe represented. 


Artist: Marsha Kinkade

I have lived in Tucson since the 60s taking many art classes and workshops. Twelve years ago I started pottery and it is my passion.  I  do mostly small hand built pieces.  Since retiring in 2013, I spend a lot of time in my studio creating.   Life is Good  :)


Artist: Lil Kinslow

Raku is one of the most exciting processes in ceramics. When most potters in the West think of Raku firing, they think of what should technically be referred to as "American" or "Western" Raku; a process in which work is removed from the kiln at bright red heat and subjected to post-firing reduction (or smoking) by being placed in containers of combustible materials, which blackens raw clay and causes crazing in the glaze surface. The Western Raku firing process is popular to many potters because of its excitement and unpredictability.