Acrylics and Oils

Artist: Betty Schweitzer-Johnson - Acrylics

Betty, a Tucson native, has been creating art through various mediums since she first picked up a pencil. Betty expresses her love for the desert and its creatures through her enchanting art and illustrations.

Betty is currently creating one-of a-kind painted wooden keepsake items such as picture frames, "treasure" boxes, utensils, bowls and crosses in brilliant colors. 

Betty has illustrated books, published in local magazines and continues to work as a freelance artist and scientific illustrator. Her illustrations for the books, "Cloud Watchers" and "How Meg Changed Her Mind" were acrylic paintings done in vivid desert colors.


Artist: Janice Bock - Oils

Janice was born in Wisconsin and moved to Arizona in 1972.  After retiring Janice and her husband left Tucson and traveled the US for six years.  After traveling, she settled in Colorado and opened an art gallery with her business partner.  The gallery had over 40 Colorado artists including Janice and her partner.  Janice is a self taught artist; studied oil and acrylic painting under several well known artists and kept developing her own natural artistic ability and various types of art along with oil and acrylic paintings.

Janice loves the southwest landscape and takes many photos from which she does her paintings.

Artist: John Wise - Acrylics

John’s ability to create magnificent acrylic landscapes has come from 30 years of self-taught techniques and experience.  After living in Tacoma, Washington for 24 years, John and his wife, Natalie, moved back to Arizona. John is still painting, but the subject matter is mostly Arizona landscapes that transfers from memory to canvas showing the magnificence of nature – its textures, colors, patterns and complexity. 

Although I paint with acrylics, my goal has always been to make them look as much like oil painting as possible, a pretty difficult task since the quick drying time of acrylics affects the ability to blend colors. I paint from impressions of places I’ve seen up close in Arizona and Washington.

Artist: Lynda Jackson - Acrylics

My name is "A Tad Bit Off" because I always seem to be a tad bit off, regardless of where I am or what I'm doing. And that may mean that my creations are a tad bit off too (strange, quirky or just off).  I create greeting cards, alcohol ink cards and paintings, acrylic pour paintings, encaustics, repoussé, papier máché, watercolors, pan pastels, polymer clay items, jewelry, paintings...a little bit of everything. There's even an occasional shaving cream marbling paper background or painting (that smells like my grandfather)! I sometimes (okay, well often) use some of my favorite colors when I'm doing something I've dreamed up.   

Artist: Rose Rollyson - Oils

Rose is from Michigan, and took drawing and watercolor classes for three years at The Flint Institute of Arts.  She retired in 2008 and moved to Tucson.  "I decided to get back into art and to take oil painting classes.  I've really enjoyed it.  Hope you enjoy it too"

Artist: Sue Bush - Acrylics

I am a self taught artist who studied with many well known artists. I reside in Tucson.

I prefer to develop my own way of painting, and I am continually developing my style.I do not rush my work, and may only have a few paintings a year that I frame.

My work has received many ribbons from the best of show to honorable mention.

Thank you for viewing my work.