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Cat Mountain Station

Cat Mountain Station
2740 S. Kinney Road
Suite 3
Tucson, AZ 85735
Phone 520-578-3638

Located 2 miles north of Ajo Way Highway 86 (MAP)

Artist: Scott Taft
Media: Fine Art Photography

3 Influences of my photography

As a painting major in college, a number of my colleagues were busy making their paintings look like photographs while I found myself intrigued with the idea of trying to make my photographs look like paintings.

My first big influence in my study of art was the early 20th century short-lived movement called “Fauvism”. The Fauves were famous for translating their feelings into their paintings by their extreme use of color, namely primary colors. I identified with the Fauves as I consistently found myself bored with the color in my landscape images (shot with color slide film). I finally ended up enhancing those colors through the use of highly saturated film (to exaggerate greens), polarizing filters (to exaggerate blues), and enhancing filters (to exaggerate reds and oranges) in order to capture the attention of my viewers.

In addition to Fauvism, I spent a lot of time studying French Impressionism and found my style moving in that direction. As I transitioned from film to digital photography, the sky became the limit. When I reached the place where I could successfully turn my photographs into impressionistic images, I coined them with the term “Photo-impressionism”

Finally, I have always wanted my art to exhibit a balance of two extremes; Technique & Emotion. This is the essence of all art. I mix real world objects such as people and/or things with exaggerated use of color, shape, and composition to add an emotive reaction to the images.

~Scott Taft

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